A5 Labs found a solution to how poker rooms can legally share data about scammers

Over the past few years, there have been repeated attempts to create a poker union in which players would make decisions for the entire industry, as well as a blacklist of cheaters. As conceived by Rob Young, it should be used by different operators in order to prevent alleged violators from entering their platform.

Launching a union is not a problem, which cannot be said about the black list. Poker rooms cannot disclose personal information about their users: this is an illegal measure.

Recently, GGPoker, which is operated by PokerOK in Russia, created a Security Council, which included five professional players. They will investigate cases of fraud, and for serious violations, a participant can be either blocked in the room or receive a ban on visiting large live series.

A similar position is taken at PokerStars. A month ago, the operator announced that they have a blacklist – getting there, players receive a ban both online and offline series.

This is a big step for virtual poker. However, it does not solve the initial problem – everyone bans on their own platform. This gives the cheater the opportunity to move to another room and start the game with a clean reputation.

An ingenious solution from A5 Labs

A5 Labs is a team of tech entrepreneurs and AI scientists. One of their goals is to make the world of competitive gaming fun and fair. Online poker is a key focus for the company.

A5 Labs published a large treatise on fraud prevention and methods of combating violators, in which they found a solution for how rooms can exchange data without breaking the law.

The developers propose to assign NFTs to each player. It should act like an avatar in online poker. A non-fungible token will be unique for each user and will allow the player to remain anonymous, but different operators will be able to identify him.

Thus, one poker room can transfer the fraudster’s NFT to another without disclosing his personal data.

According to A5 Labs, NFT avatars can be useful not only for the exchange of data on violators. This should save players from the lengthy KYC procedure. Also, information about user preferences or about their suspicious actions can be entered into tokens.

Such technologies would really greatly simplify a lot of things. But for this, it is necessary to standardize the entire industry, as well as introduce millions of players to NFT technology. However, given the scale of the work, one can hardly expect the introduction of digital avatars in the coming years.

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