Evenbet Gaming on the usefulness of the jackpot in online poker

The bad beat jackpot is one of the most interesting features in modern online poker. Losing with a seemingly strong hand, participants receive impressive rewards, which sometimes amount to six-figure amounts.

Software developer Evenbet Gaming provides statistical data. They show that the presence of a bad beat jackpot greatly increases the interest of poker players in continuing to grind.

For example, if the jackpot is played only two hours a day, then the game density increases by 33%. There is also increased activity among those poker players who witnessed the jackpot. They start playing more and their average bet rises to 26%.

Legal status

Evenbet Gaming warns that the presence of such an option may affect the legal status of the poker project. In some countries, discipline is considered a game of skill. The bad beat jackpot is 100% luck and luck. Therefore, the addition of such a feature can equate poker to gambling entertainment. Such points should be carefully studied in advance. Evenbet Gaming will provide the necessary advice on all issues in any jurisdiction.

Jackpot varieties

The software from the Evenbet Gaming developer can have several types of jackpot at once, which are easily configured before the project is launched or at any time during the active work of the room.

  • Classic bad beat : is when a user with a strong hand loses the hand. The software can be configured for any hands – straight flush, four of a kind or full house.
  • Monte Carlo Jackpot : Awarded when winning under certain conditions. For example, with a royal flush and at least three players at the table. This feature rarely works.
  • Smart Jackpot : Works similar to a bad beat, but only triggers during certain hours. As a rule, the most unpopular part of the day is chosen, when the traffic sags.

The software from Evenbet Gaming can contain all three functions at once with deep settings for each jackpot: distribution of the draw, progressive accumulation of the amount, setting combinations and times, automatic replenishment and other unique options. And you can find the perfect balance and adjust the conditions thanks to detailed statistics.

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